Average nut quality of test trees from 2002-2006.

Cultivar Yield # Nuts / lb. % Kernel Cluster Size Harvest date
  lbs./tree/year       (50% shuck split)
Jenkins   48 52%    
Desirable   44 53%    
Stuart   48 46%    



Seedling selection from northern Mississippi.


'Jenkins' produces a moderately large nut which has shown good all-around pest resistance. We have had trouble with trees overloading in our test, resulting in reduced nut quality. So far, we have not seen scab on this cultivar in our sprayed orchards. Auburn University introduced this selection and more information can be found on the Alabama Pecan Growers website. In 2007 we grafted over our 'Jenkins' trees because they were performing so poorly. Basically, the trees seemed to overload and have poorly filled, dry, fuzzy kernels, kind of like a bad 'Stuart'. We do not recommend planting of 'Jenkins'.