Kicklighter cultivar

Average nut quality of test trees.

# Nuts / lb. % Kernel Kernel quality breakdown Specific gravity Harvest Date
   % Fancy % Standard % Amber     
61 50% 17% 31% 2% .77 Oct. 18



This is a grower selection from eastern Georgia that was put into testing by Dr. Ray Worley.


'Kicklighter #1' produces an interesting tree, but a mediocre nut. Tree form is very upright with a strong central leader, very similar to an ungrafted seedling. This cultivar is extremely slow to come into bearing, and is a consistent bearer of mediocre quality nuts. Disease and insect resistance has been good. 'Kicklighter #1' has never been available commercially and I see no reason that should change.

Production record of test trees beginning in year planted

'Kicklighter#1' production from the Ponder Variety Grove Test. Each colored line represents the yearly production in pounds of nuts from an individual tree beginning the year planted.

Alternate Bearing Intensity = .49