Shoshoni cultivar

Average nut quality of test trees from year 1 to 20.

# Nuts / lb. % Kernel Kernel quality breakdown Specific gravity Harvest Date
   % Fancy % Standard % Amber     
59 50% 15% 32% 3% .73 Oct. 7



'Shoshoni' is a selection from an 'Odom' x 'Evers' cross that was released in 1972 by the USDA.


'Shoshoni' is a precocious cultivar that is a heavy yielder. Harvest date is relatively early, averaging in the first week of October. The tree seems to be vigorous and is often called a "Moon Tree" because of its strong central leader. The tree seems to have few problems and is an "easy keeper". Nut shape is very round and size is large. Unfortunately kernel quality is often poor for 'Shoshoni'. 'Shoshoni' tends to alternate and kernel quality is often poor in the "ON" year. Kernels tend to be cup shaped and fuzzy kernels are common. Summer shaking to reduce crop load might improve yield stability and kernel quality. This cultivar is not recommended.

Production record of test trees beginning in year planted

'Shoshoni' production from the Ponder Variety Grove test. Each colored line represents the yearly production in pounds of nuts from an individual tree beginning the year planted.

Alternate Bearing Intensity = 0.63