Tobacco Barn

Average nut quality of test cultivars 2006-2012.

Cultivar #Nuts/lb. %Kernal Cluster Size Harvest Date
        (50% shuck split)
Tobacco Barn 59 55 2.8 Oct. 11
Desirable 44 52% 2.5 Oct. 14
Stuart 47 45% 2.6 Oct. 20


Average pest resistance of test cultivars 2004-2012.

Cultivar Leaf ScabZ Nut ScabY Black Aphid DamageX Sooty Mold BuildupW
  Avg. (worst)V Avg. (worst) Avg. (worst) Avg. (worst)
Tobacco Barn 1.0 (1.0) 1.0 (1.0) 1.7 (3.0) 1.1 (2.0)
Desirable  2.0 (4.0) 2.6 (4.8) 1.7 (2.7) 1.1. (2.0)
Stuart  1.4 (2.8) 1.1. (3.5) 2.2 (3.8) 1.1 (2.0)
  • Z 1=No scab, 2= Few stray spots, 3=Several spots with expanding lesions, 4=Stem scab or defoliation.
  • Y 1=No scab, 2=Few stray spots, 3=Obvious scab but no quality loss (0-10%), 4=10-50% shuck coverage, 5=50-100% covered, nut drop.
  • X 1=No damage, 2=Light spotting, less than 25% leaves affected, 3=Moderate spotting, 25-75% leaves, 4=Heavy spotting, >75% leaves affected, some leaves completely yellow.
  • W 1=None, 2=Light, some black on few leaves, 3=moderate, black on most leaves, 4=Heavy, black flakes on leaves and stems.
  • V Average score over all years and average of worst year for each trait.

Average yield (pounds nuts per tree) of test cultivars each year from topworking in 2006.

Cultivar # Trees 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Tobacco Barn 5 0 0 1.0 4.8 17.2 24.4 36.8    



Seedling from Waycross, Ga.


'Tobacco Barn' was given to me by an Alabama extension agent in 2006. He noted that the original tree did alternate but no scab had yet been seen on this tree. I have not seen any scab on our trees in a sprayed orchard yet.

So far 'Tobacco Barn' has produced a nice quality medium sized nut. Kernels are well filled and pretty, similar to 'Sioux' but not as bright. It shells very easily into complete halves. Harvest date has been a little later than 'Desirable'. This tree was topworked into older trees, so yield data can't be compared to the check cultivars yet. As the trees begin to produce the same as the check cultivar we will get a yield comparison. Bud break is very early in 'Tobacco Barn', and it should not be planted in north Georgia.

Right now, I am not very high on this cultivar. While it has scab resistance, it is small and is showing signs of being very black aphid susceptible. If I was looking for something new to try I would plant 'Zinner' over 'Tobacco Barn'. I suspect we will discontinue testing of this cultivar soon.