'Apalachee' was selected from a cross of 'Moore' x 'Schley' and was released by the USDA in 2009. 'Apalachee' was released because of its high nut quality, high yield potential, and excellent scab resistance.


I only have a single 'Apalachee' tree in our orchards and it is young, so I don't have much first hand knowledge of this cultivar. 'Apalachee' produces a small (84 nuts/lb) nut with excellent kernel fill (54% kernel). It was released primarily because of its record of producing large yield in a planting at Muckalee plantation in Albany. Apalachee averaged 1,600 lbs/acre in a 10-year test at Muckalee with 84 nuts/lb and 54 percent kernel. The nuts ripen in early mid-season, about 3 weeks after 'Pawnee'. While it has performed very well at this location, trials at other locations have been sparse. 'Apalachee' is Type I (protandrous) with early to midseason pollen shed and midseason to late receptivity. More information about 'Apalachee' can be found on the TAMU website and on the USDA website.